Wednesday, February 2 @7 pm online:  "How the Railroad Transformed Charlevoix" 
Presented by:  David L. Miles

Charlevoix was the last of the principal municipalities of northwest lower Michigan to receive a railroad. The announcement that a railroad would finally arrive in the early 1890s was met with not a little skepticism, but mainly overwhelming joy and relief. It was not an easy endeavor by any means, fraught with intertown jealousies, accusations of bribery and deceit, a railroad bankruptcy, then finally redemption when the first train pulled into Charlevoix on June 26, 1892. This program looks at how the railroad arrived, how it transformed Charlevoix, its peak of popularity until the rise of the automobile began to siphon off ridership in the 1930s, and its demise beginning shortly after World War II, until the last train left in 1982. 
Feb 02, 2022
7:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST
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